With smart planning now, your business can have a space that will work for years to come.

Space planning has the ability to transform a tight, busy office into a spacious workplace. We consider every element in the mix – from growth plans and need of your business, to legal requirements and even IT infrastructure – because only with a bit of smart planning can you ensure that your business has space to work in years to come.

How we get more out of your space
  • Feasibility studies
    How much space are you using? What about in the future? We rigorously assess your space needs, including everything from storage requirements, departmental adjacencies and new ways of working.

  • Concept drawings
    We help you see exactly what your new office will look like before we move a single desk.

  • Office furniture
    Good space planning goes hand in hand with smart furniture solutions.

  • Accommodation standards
    Naturally we will always adhere to legal minimum space requirements – meaning your employees can get the exact space they need for their individual roles.

  • IT and telecoms
    We take into account all IT, telecoms and small power access points in our plans to ensure everything works in harmony with your technology.

  • Flexibility and growth
    Today more than ever, businesses need to remain flexible. We help you by incorporating your future growth and the changing needs of your business into your space plan – saving you time and money down the line.

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