Doug Skinner - Director

Doug as the elder statesman of the company has many years of experience in the construction industry. Doug uses these years of experience in his Project Management role with the company. Doug is also in charge of telling building stories from the past and we all listen intently as if we are hearing them again for the very first time.

Neil Skinner - Director

Neil is also registered as a Registered Building Services Provider (F50) and is the company's nominated supervisor. Neil uses his knowledge of Space Planning and Building Codes to help plan your projects from inception to initiation. Neil is a Virgo and painfully methodical as most Virgo's can be. He is one of those people whom only a mother could love.

Kevin Skinner - Director

Kevin is the youngest of the Directors however he is certainly the most experienced with general carpentry. Kevin has an innovative way of looking at general construction and is always thinking outside of the square. Kevin uses these skills in his role as the building supervisor for all projects. Kevin is also a mad keen Sydney Swans supporter and always states that the older he gets the better he was. He is clearly a deluded individual.

Christine Skinner - Office Manager

Christine is the long suffering wife of Neil and has the hardest job of all which is controlling the office. Christine's vast finance experience and general knowledge of protocols relating to HR, Payroll and Accounts adds to the company's quality controls and professionalism.

BRB No F57